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formalities n : a requirement of etiquette or custom [syn: formality]

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  1. Plural of formality

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Formalities is the seventh episode from the fifth season of the American crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, set in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Plot summary

Grissom has to work with dayshift CSI Sofia Curtis when a high school student is found dead in a hotel room after a party. Assisted by Catherine, Nick and Warrick, they find out that another girl had been kidnapped from the party. However, the father of this girl doesn't seem overly concerned about his daughter's disappearance, believing that she had arranged the kidnapping herself, seeking attention.


It is the first appearance of Sofia Curtis in the show.

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amenities, ceremonies, civilities, civility, comity, convention, courtliness, decencies, decorum, dignities, diplomatic code, elegance, elegancies, etiquette, exquisite manners, gentilities, good form, good manners, graces, manners, mores, natural politeness, point of etiquette, politeness, politesse, proprieties, protocol, punctilio, quiet good manners, rites, rituals, rules of conduct, social code, social conduct, social graces, social procedures, social usage
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